About our committee

Our committee 2012/2013

President: Adrian Kreuser
Vice President: Gonzague Bernard
Club Secretary: Bandhu Pratim Das-Tito
Membership Director: Valerio Radice
Club Treasurer: Luke Gaffey
International & Rotary Liaison Director: Matei Gaburici
Charity Director: Zsófi Kulcsár
Social Director: Jakub Šimek
PR Director: Elizaveta Shaforostova

Our committee 2011/2012

President – Yoanna Tsvetanova
Vice President – Adrian Kreuser
Club Treasurer – Gonzague Bernard
Club Secretary – Luke Goffey
Charity Director – Eleonora Marchetti
Social and Vocational Director – Gabrielle Considere
International Director – Sarah Otner
PR Director – Christina Peters

Our committee 2010/2011

President – Lorenzo Benussi
Vice President – Gorkem Dogangil
Secretary – Gonzague Bernard
Treasurer and Membership Director – Anthony Abbott
Charity Director – Yoanna Tsvetanova
Social and Vocational Director – David Prest
International Director – Adrian Cruzeiro
PR Director – Manuela Tise Morar

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