Important club updates 2012-2013

Dear Rotaractors & Friends,

Thank you for attending our last week’s meeting. We were delighted to see so many new talented faces from around the globe. We hope you will continue to show your interest in our club, share your diverse experiences and bring in new ideas to help us grow stronger together.

We have summarized some of the key discussion topics and contact details for your convenience:

Upcoming Club events:

Club meeting: 16 October

We are expecting a speaker from Pimlico Puffins, a local charity that helps disabled people learn swimming and gain confidence. Speaker will outline different ways we can help the charity. (

 (Our club meetings are usually 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, 7pm gathering and 7:30pm start @ Bbar, 43 Buckingham Palace Road,Victoria SW1W 0PP)

 Tube collection: 27 October

Do you have 2 hours free on Saturday, 27th October and want to give a
hand in helping disadvantaged children? Come and join us in a fun tube
collection event for KidsOut (

Please email Zsofi if you are interested
and what time would be suitable for you, no later than 12th October

This is a great opportunity especially for our guests and interested members to get involved and show commitment while getting to know the club!

Social: 30 October

Details are yet to be confirmed.

International events:

2012-13 Rotary Global Peace Forums

Berlin, GermanyPeace Without Borders

30 November-2 December 2012

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: The Green Path to Peace

25-27 January 2013

Hiroshima, Japan: Peace Begins with You

17-19 May 2013

Please visit this link for more information and registration details. If you are interested in joining any of these events and would like to find out a bit more information, please contact Matei @

Rotaract European Meeting (REM): Timisoara 17 Jan -20 Jan 2013. Please visit: for more information.

European Conference (EUCO):Rome 29 May – 02 Jun 2013. Please visit: for more information


Do you want to find out about our last year’s event? Please visit: this link for more information.

This was a joint event with Rotary Club of Westminster East and we have raised funds for Polio Plus, ShelterBox and Soho Theatre Writers’ Centre

We are looking for ideas for this year’s event, so if you know an artist or celebrity or any other ideas, please get in touch with Adrian/Zsofi.


We would like to see our club membership to grow with dedicated,committed people from a diverse professional, academic and cultural background! This helps us to improve our contribution in all charitable projects, make lifelong friendships, try new activities and have lots of fun!

Therefore, we request all interested members to attend club meeting regularly and contribute towards some of our projects whether it is social or charity related.

Please contact Valerio for any membership related questions.

Social Event and Charity project ideas:

We are always looking for new ideas to enjoy new experiences. If you would like to try a new activity or have come across something really interesting please email (club email address) or message us (Facebook) and we will take a interest, if necessary organise something together.

Key contacts: 

Adrian (President)

Club email

We look forward to meeting you all!

 Rotaract Club of Westminster

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