Connecting the world – Rotaract & Tripping

Our club meeting on the 1st of November was a great experience for everyone as co-founder and CEO of Tripping Jen O’Neal joined us to talk about the idea behind Tripping – a social enterprise which aims to connect people from all over the world.

Have you ever experienced a city through the local’s eyes? Well … then you know the difference! After having done much travelling herself and having hosted many travelers in her flat in London, Jen set up Tripping (a now San Francisco based social enterprise) to enable many others to discover the world “in a deeper and more meaningful way”. Get a map, close your eyes and point out a place. Type in the name on the Tripping website and you will get access to a variety of locals who are happy to be your host and give you the best tips and hints about their place (just like Rotaractors would). But …there is more to this! You as well can offer to host travelers who come to your city and exchange ideas, cultural differences and…why not some great memories of fun and joy.

Are you tempted to sign up? Because we definitively are. Let’s become part of this international community and share our country’s culture and traditions.Furthermore, Jen inspired us with her energy as well as with her enthusiasm and perseverance in developing this global community. She is a true proof of the fact that you can make a change when you have a vision and you fight for turning it into reality. Her presentation inspired us and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that this community has on society grow further.
Helping cultural understanding is also one of Rotary’s and Rotaract’s principles and Jen O’Neal and her team are definitely a role model for any of us. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Rotaract Club of Westminster.

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