Haiti tube collection was a success!


A big thank you goes to all Rotaractors who participated in the Haiti Fundraising event organised by the Rotary Club of Westminster. Tobias Hoffmeister, an ex-rotaractor and one of Rotary Westminster East’s most recent members, has been led and efficiently organised the tube collection at Charing Cross Station on Jan. 26 which was a great success! 

Includig donations from club members, the total sum raised added to a mere  £ 3300! A truly wonderful, and succesful outcome!The sum raised will be sent to Shelter Box, the charity recommended by RIBI in aid of the Haiti victims. 

This was only possible through the joined forces between our Rotaract Club and Rotary Westminster East, as well as the help of Rotarians from Westminster West, St Pancras and Hammersmith Rotary Clubs as well as  members’ families and friends. 

Congratulations and many thanks to all those who participated!

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