Run for the soup!

For those of you that have been coming to the Westminster Rotaract Club for a while you will be vaguely reminiscent of the good old soup run. However with a bountiful load of new members and guests it is time to refresh everyone’s memory.

hot soup


What is it?

The soup run is first is a charity project lead by Imperial College. Essentially it is all about giving food and hot drinks to homeless people in London. Just for the record… It doesn’t actually involve soup 🙂

How is it done?

Deals have been set up with several food outlets in London, such as Wholefoods, Pret a’ Manger and Eat. They donate their leftover food for the soup run charity, which is in turn handed out to the homeless.

Who does it?

Mainly Imperial College students. As Rotaractors we simply help out and thereby also support our local community. Around the time of Fresher’s Fair, they do not really need our help as student support is plentiful. However come winter and exam times and they love when we come along.

When is it?

Every Sunday evening patrons meet in Weeks Hall (Imperial College) kitchen where all the sandwiches are sorted out and tea/coffee/hot chocolate is prepared before going off in a van to the drop off point in Holborn (you can get transport back to Imperial College or simply jump on bus/tube from Holborn, if you prefer).

Why do it?

It feels simply great to give something back to the community. When all the sandwiches have been handed out, most people stick around and have a chat to some of the homeless people. Some are very eager to talk and enjoy getting a little bit of attention as they are so used to being ignored on the streets of London. There are interesting stories to hear, lovely people to meet and life experiences to be made.

If you are interested in going along one Sunday, grab me after the next meeting and I will get you in contact with the organisers and answer any other questions. Alternatively drop a line here on the blog.

/Sheila Kjaerhus

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